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We are yoga enthusiasts, with hundreds of hours of yoga practiced, and several years experience running yoga studios and wellness programs.  We believe in the power of yoga, and have seen how yoga can transform lives. 

We offer patrons a warm, friendly and welcoming space with kind and positive energy. Our classes are all moderately heated and all are based in the Vinyasa style, with several classes infused with other modalities including Yin, Bikram, and Pilates.


Nina Jarnum Walters

Jessica Webb


Foo Dog Yoga

Located in the back of the studio is our retail shop, Gazella's Trunk.  As we are an eclectic group, the store boasts not only new yoga apparel and accessories, but also vintage and consignment clothing, shoes and accessories.  So many treasures to be found and at these prices, every purchase is a "score"!

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Lara White

NEW STUDENT SPECIAL - 30 Days for $30!

We like to call our brand of yoga, "Glow Yoga".

With the studio set at a comfortable 80 degrees,

patrons don't really sweat, rather, they glow -

leaving class with a healthy flush, feeling

refreshed, relaxed and re-energized.  All based

in Vinyasa style format, our classes include:

Morning Sun Flow

Lunchtime Kickstart Flow

Core Vinyasa Flow

Yin-tastic Flow

Vinyasa Sculpt

Power Flow

Foo Puppy Yoga (for kids!)